We Had Our Clothes Burned!!

Here’s one we got from Matt – what a crazy time!

This happened just last weakened. We had been swimming in a rock pit for most of the day with a group of friends four guys and five girls when a car pulled up and three girls got out. They asked if the water was cold and my buddy said yes very but come in anyways. They removed their clothes reveling very tiny swimsuits. One had a black bikini that barley covered anything. The second one had on a very good looking one piece and the third had a tube top on that looked about three sizes to small for her top.

The third girl seemed nervous and the other two were giving her heck about it. She said you try fitting my boobs in a tiny suit and see how they fit. With that, the other girls said let’s get in.

The first two jumped in but the third did not want to jump in. Two of the girls that were there with me asked her what was wrong. She said that her friends told her that if she lost her tube top it would not float but sink instead. They said that her friends are full of it and that all bikini tops float. The girl said i guess your right and jumped in.

Not to our surprise. her top did come off but, to our surprise, it did sink like her friends said it would. She was freaking out and did not know what to do. My friends said it was no big deal that to keep swimming and when she was done they would help her out of the water so that know one would see. She did not like that idea because the water was clear and you could see her boobs plain as day.

Her other friend with the one piece suit offered to change suits with her if she wanted, saying she did not care if anyone saw her boobs and that she usually did not wear a suit and that is why she only had a one piece.

They decided that the one topless girl would take the one piece and the other girl would go naked but she said that someone would have to join her.

All the guys and three of the girls said sure and with that most of us were naked.

While the topless girl and the one with the one piece were on shore changing suits, we stripped in the water and threw everything on shore. The topless girl came over and picked everything up and took it over by them. Then, all of the sudden, the girl with the one piece who had the bottoms and the one piece in her hand, threw them in the fire followed by our suits!

Then they decided that all the clothes should be thrown in the fire – including ours.

The problem with that is that we had an hour drive home through two towns and with no clothes, that meant that we would be naked. So now there were only two girls from our group and one from the other with anything to wear. We decided what the heck and kept swimming.

When it was time to go, it was about 5 pm and we knew that town would be busy at that time of night, so us naked ones had a plan that when we got out we would do whatever it took to get the rest of the girls naked and burn their cloths, too, so that we were all in the same boat.

We accomplished that and got in the cars and headed home.

The first town was OK. We got one thumbs up from a guy that saw one of the girls topless but that was it. At the next town, the first car called and said that they needed gas and would not be able to make it home and would have to stop for gas. The car was full of girls and none of them wanted to get out.

It ended up that the driver got out paid at the pump. She stuck the nozzle in the car and jumped back in with out being seen. When she went to put the nozzle away she was seen and the cat was out of the bag. We took off out of there fast, got back to my friends house and laughed about it.

We even barbecued and hung out naked. The next morning, everyone was still naked and wanted to go swimming so we decided to go back but this time hide clothes in the trunk in case we needed them.

Sadly, the three girls were not there but we did skinny dip all day and even drove home naked again. This time it was a lot less interesting.

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  1. I’m curious as to how you got the other three girls to undress when you were leaving.

  2. Wild people. I’m too shy & nervous to ever do that by choice.

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