what are some extreme dares for two 15 year old kids?

we will do about anything. some of the most insane things we hav done are streak for 1 block and skinny dip in the neighbors kiddy pool.


  1. how about attending a full day of school, I dare you to do the dishes, i dare you to wash your own laundry, i dare you to help out..

    grow up!

  2. duct tape your cawcks together and run through the streets during rush hour

  3. Go to the supermarket in your underwear.
    Good luck!

  4. Thecrazyone1 says

    Steal a car, run from the police…

  5. likestoaskquestions says

    play chicken with cars.

  6. Lol. I’d say…Play hide n seek in the street with extreme eye covers on 😛

  7. Tiny Werewolf says

    This is a recipe for trouble…

  8. put your hands in each other’s ass and clap? is that extreme enough for a 15 yr old?

  9. princesstiki says

    go ring the next door’s neighbors bell….naked.

  10. S P U N K Y says

    Smoke crack with the Pope!

  11. run through a church naked

  12. sounds like you two lovebirds dig getting naked together.

  13. rock&rolldude says

    shop your balls of and die haha jk drink tabasco sauce mixed with mustard mayo and put it in the blender and ad bologna and shocolate syrup haha never heard that b4 lol

  14. konablacktraveler says

    i dare you to stay off drugs and alcohol and abstain from sex until you are married!!

  15. death909198 says

    Break into a jewelry store and steal a model hand without the jewelry. XD
    Something more extreme is to play russian roulette

  16. ring a doorbell, naked, in the middle of the night, wearing a ski mask. throw something like eggs or flour on the person who answers and run away screaming anarchy and flailing your arms.

  17. put a toy car in a plastic bag and stuff it up your anus

  18. Jacquelyn C says

    I hate to be a bit of a party pooper here, but getting caught streaking or such in some states is considered criminal sexual conduct and can get you charged and you’ll have to report to the police every 3 months for the next 25 years of your life and at age 18 people will be able to view you on that list with sexual predators and such until the 25 years is up. Not worth it..

    So have some extreme fun, but keep your clothes on!!

    Got any hot sauce or peppers dare to drink or eat them without water for a certain amount of time..

  19. Go to the local supermarket and walk up to a lady clerk and say "Junior likes you!" in a creepy voice xP

  20. drink from a toilet. eat somebody elses booger.

  21. Pee on ur neighbors mailbox, or have a streaking race. Just dont get any girls knocked up till ur older

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