What are some fun things to do on an adventure?

Me and my friends usually go out every Friday and drive around. We live in the Seattle area so it’s a little damp and cold. We don’t have a lot of money, but we’d like some ideas of what to do when driving around and going crazy. So far our ideas are:
•Go to the Fremont troll
•Get on the roof of a building
•Skinny dip/ wade in water
•Get caffeine
•Dress up crazy in glitter and such
•Serenade people from the car
•Kidnap the kidnapable
•Find an adventure hangout spot-nice and warm but secret
•Go to a cemetery and tell ghost stories
•Document everyting
•Prankphone calls
•Clothes swap in new location
•TP someone’s house
•Energy drinks galore
•Rearrange someone’s yard

but that’s all, we NEED more.


  1. kidnapping the kidnapable probably isnt the best idea 😛 haha but those sound like great ideas and would be way fun to do! sometime when me and my friends go out we mess around in walmart and play walmart tag or something till we get kicked out, scary movies, there is a fun cemetery we go to after watching scary movies and thats fun. to have fun takes creativity and that can be hard with no money or anything near your house (in my case) but youll find something! hope i helped!

  2. Steven Chase says

    Find a local undeveloped cave (no tourist trap electric light and handrail caves please).
    Pack you sleeping bags, a few candles, your energy drinks and spend the night telling ghost stories in the cave.

  3. I live there too. Some things I like to do are:
    Olympic Sculpture Park
    Go to Value Village and by dorky clothes and walk around
    U Village
    Walk around with a back pack where the sororities are and act like a student
    Take lots of Wacky pics.
    Ballard Locks

    Hoped I helped

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