what are some good games for teenagers to play at a sleepover at a hotel?

my friend is having a sleepover party at a hotel (yes, there is a pool). She wants me to help plan it. There is about 6-8 thirteen year old girls that are going to be there. She’s covering food and invites and setting up. Since i’m the fun child, i get to plan some things to do there. We are a pretty crazy bunch. I already have these as some things we can do:
1.Play dirty truth-or-dare
2.Just crank the music and dance
4.MSN and Facebook-ing

Any other ideas? No, i dont mind perverted answers or slutty ones. We’d pretty much do anything from skinny dipping in the pool at midnight to knocking on rando’s doors until they open (in our underwear). So, say whatever, please answer!
ahaha, whats spoons? (the card game?? never heard of it)
thxx, keep answering, loll, i like the first three answers so far:P


  1. Christian B says

    i agree with the makeout session but invite in your doorman also cas hed feel left out

  2. Have a make-out session. or Play the card game "spoons"

  3. prank calling is always fun and it always gets crazy with me and my friends (also 13(: ) but yeah ^^ everything you said seems awesome so havee funn(;

  4. Harrison Center says

    Just crank the music and dance

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