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Do you like walking around naked? Do you do it a lot? Have you ever skinny dipped? Have you tanned nude? Have you been to a nude beach? Do you always try to be as naked as possible? Do you sleep naked? I’m really jealous if you said yes to any of those questions. I want to be a nudist, and I’m thinking of taking baby steps and telling my dad first. Maybe if it’s just him and me home alone one day, I could talk to him about it and see if he’ll be okay with me going naked. Maybe he’d even do it with me so I don’t feel all awkward. Then if that works, I could try with my brother around. I don’t think that would be a big problem, since he’s not even 10. After this, how could I tell my mom to be able to go naked whenever I want? Not that she’d agree necessarily, but how can I talk to her?
And nothing having to do with that being sick and twisted or anything, because then you really don’t understand nudism.


  1. >Do you like walking around naked?
    >Do you do it a lot?
    All the time.
    >Have you ever skinny dipped?
    Quite often – in fact that was how I had sex the first time with my bf.
    >Have you tanned nude?
    Yes – tan lines are ugly.
    >Have you been to a nude beach?
    Every summer for almost ten years.
    >Do you always try to be as naked as possible?
    We are home nudists – I have gone for weeks without putting on clothes.
    >Do you sleep naked?
    Don’t ask permission. Or if you feel like you have to, just say "hey, is it ok if I leave this off for now? it’s such a bother to have to go put something on with just us guys around"
    It’s your body, and when you are in private you are free to do whatever you want. Sleep naked first, and stay naked in your bedroom. Start wearing a towel to the bathroom. Wear shorts and nothing else around the house as "practice" nudity.
    Then when you get a place of your own, you can always be naked.
    I became a home nudist with my family when I was 15, and don’t regret a minute of it.

  2. i dont know

  3. Yes to all your questions in regard to myself… But chill out. Trying to involve others in your family is awkward for all involved. You’re either raised around it, or you come to it by yourself naturally. Everybody’s not going to be in sync with new ideas, and you can’t escape your family when you’re not out on your own. It’s OK to be more casual than others in your family, and if they’re fine with it, great. If not, respect their hang ups, educate your self, and when you’re free to make your own decisions about your state of dress, or undress, enjoy.

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