what does it mean to go skinny dipping?


  1. To swim naked in a river or the sea.

  2. russfussuk says

    Swimming in your birthday suit!
    Try it! lol

  3. swimming naked

  4. go in the pool or ocean or whatever naked.

  5. To go skinny dipping it means, to remove all your clothing and go swimming.

  6. mini_little_kitty says

    most people who do this are skinny. go swimmin naked. chunky dunking is for fat peoples

  7. sexylesbian234 says

    To take off all your clothes, and go swimming. It is so fun, i do it with my friends all the time!

  8. swim naked

  9. Danielh218 says

    to take off your clothes and jump into a lake

  10. NIGGA_WIT_MONEY says

    To Go Skinny dipping mean to go swimming naked in a lake, a pool, a river, the sea, or any other big body’s of water

  11. Cartiphilus says

    It means you’re completely naked, nude, without any clothing whatsoever while swimming.

  12. To go swimming naked… not the best idea in the world – if you’re going to do it do it at night and with people who don’t care about seeing you!

  13. pink_pokadots12 says

    Skinny dippng means to swim naked. Here is the definition if you don’t believe me:

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