What fun things could i do with a free house for a week?

I’m going on 17 and i have my holiday house up at the coast which i am going up for for a week with lots of my mate without parents. there are plenty of off-licences and useful shops around so booze and firewood is no problem. there’s a beach within 100 meters of the house and a big field and houses blah blah blah, but i was wondering what crazy things i could do everyday just to keep things fun such as skinny dip in the middle of the night, make a 7 foot bonfire out of someone’s fence, get a cow drunk possibly? etc etc


  1. Well aren’t you a spoiled brat.

    Why don’t you and your buddy’s gather up in a big group and circle jerk each other till you pass out.

  2. there! u know what to do. y are u asking?? =P

  3. grogglugger says

    Re-enact the entire first season of two and a half men.

  4. liverpools#9 says

    Go find a cow and feed him a hamburger. Than take the cow completely alive to mcdonalds asking if they can make him into A bunch of burgers cuz hes a dirty cannibal.

    Oh and get 1 cent worth of gas and pay for everything in pennies.

  5. remember ur only 17 and all ur actions have consequences so just have fun ……

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