What is the point of?….?

Hey, Im a guy. What exactly is the point of skinny dipping? And how do you prepare for it? (Prepare you body I geuss? shave or what?) Haha. Thanks.


  1. Skinny dipping is supposed to be spontaneous and fun. Don’t suck the fun out of it by looking or acting like you’re prepared. There’s no need to do any special body prep., just keep yourself maintained all the time and then you won’t have to worry about it. Anyway, shaving is the least of your worries. If the water is cold, guess what… shrinkage! Listen, just go w/ the flow and enjoy yourself if you do it.

  2. newyorklover:] says

    you’ll be underwater dip.

  3. i am 13 i did it with my girl friend and my friends and their girls frieds it was fun on of my friens dokota who is almost 15 hooked up with his girl freind that night so good luck

  4. Point- It’s awesome.
    I would suggest you shave.
    And have fun (:

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