What is your opinion on skinny dipping? Should I try it?

I have been considering going skinny dipping, but am not sure. What do you suggest.


  1. By all means give it a try, but choose where and who with carefully. I have skinny dipped a few times, normally in my backyard pool either alone or with close female friends. The pool is very private so there is little chance of being seen. My friend tried skinny dipping at the beach once when she was drunk. Someone took photos and she was very embarrassed the next day. I personally don’t skinny dip often. I do swim and sunbathe topless a lot and really enjoy it. At first I was a bit nervous about guys seeing me but now I am used to it and whilst I do choose when and where, I don’t really care who sees me. And it’s great not having any tan lines on my chest or shoulders. Don’t care about tan lines on my bum becuase no one will see them.

  2. As long as it doesn’t kill you, try everything once.

  3. ♥ Lindsey ♥ says

    It’s not like bad I mean you don’t wanna do it in the middle of the day where there are lots of people. But why not do it. I say go for it. Enjoy the experience !

  4. sgoldperson says

    Why not try it. Espically try it if you are alone as you would proably be more comfortable and enjoy it more that way. Proably be nervous if others were around by my guess.

  5. jchas64651 says

    I have when I was younger was fun

  6. Sure if you want to

  7. Skinny dipping is a blast….it is usually done with another person or a group…..it is a lot of fun no matter who you are with….be sure, if you are with other people, they are people you trust and obviously that you don’t mind getting naked in front of.

  8. Skinny dipping is lots of fun, but be very careful unless you have private access to a pool. The obvious choice is your own pool, but if that is not a possibility maybe a relative, friend or neighbor who needs someone to house sit for a few days that has a pool?

    The only risk aside from some potential embarassment: If you get caught someplace where you don’t have permission to use the pool, you could be looking at indecent exposure or tresspassing charges.

  9. its fun i agree with sgoldperson it isn’t as embarrassing if your alone but if your with your girlfriend/boyfriend its more fun

  10. well u might not want to do it cause if the waters cold u might get namonia but if u want to try it once ur self to be comfortable then try it with ur boyfriend or something who ur comfortable with.then once u got it down pat u could in front of people or at a party and u would be the life of the party . so i guess u should but yet again im only 13 so i hope my advice helped GOOD LUCK see ya

  11. It is wonderful. Get your kit off enter the water and have a good time and don’t worry.

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