what kind of super crazy totally insane games can my and my friends do like some funny games like skinny dip?

well my and my friend are totally tight and we don’t care if we see each other naked so i think i can add skinny dipping to our to do list but we are trying to find so other things like that, like some funny bad-ass things that wont get caught by our parents but we are 13 and we don’t do drugs so please give me some funny things but not like getting drunk but like skinny dipping and kissing strangers lol please and thanks!!!


  1. im 13 too and me and my best friend are the same. we both dont care if we r naked together. we actually went skinny dipping tonight. Ill give you a list of things you could do:

    1. dare each other to run naked down the street (if you live in a neighborhood) wearing a mask. make sure u wear a mask because then people wont recognize you.

    2. go onto video chat sites for teens and try to find someone to do a "show" for in return for a show.

    3. put on some porn and masturbate together. teach each other techniques.

    4. have competitions like who can stay still the longest while ur friend masturbates you. or who can lay in te front lawn naked the longest.

    5. see who can give a better lap dance.

    6.download a truth or dare app on the iphone or ipod if you have one, or find a website for it and sat it on the adult rating.

    7. find two similar things that vibrate. then each of you put the object in your vaginas. see who can stay absolutely still the longest.

    If you would want to me and my friend could video chat with you. just email me at myaskingaccount2@yahoo.com

  2. I ask a lot of questions. says

    Try some videogames.

  3. Super Smash Bros. Melee & Brawl

  4. The Zunester says

    You can play knick knock. You know. The game where you knock on random strangers doors then run like hell.

  5. I played a game with my friends once where you play a game like Uno or Rock Paper Scissors or 99 but every time you lose a round you have to slide down your pants or underwear a bit. Whoever has their butt completely exposed has to spend the rest of the night completely naked. Another game to play with a lot of people is Pantser in the Dark. One person is the Pantser and the other people are the Victims. You all strip down to your underwear and turn off all the lights. Then you have to walk around the house and the Pantser sneaks up behind you and pulls your underwear or bra off. you get Pantsed you have to give them your underwear and continue to walk around the house like that. The goal of the Pantser is to have as many people naked as possible. If everyone is naked by the end of the game, the Pantser wins and gets to choose one person to steal their underwear from. Now that person has a disadvantage. After that round, they get their underwear back. But if more than half of the people are fully clothed then you win and you get to steal the Pantsers underwear. You keep playing this until everyone is naked. Then each person counts how many people they got naked and that person wins. The winner gets to steal everyone’s underwear for the rest of the night, or you can choose a different prize.

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