What should 2 girls do 4 a sleepover?

We r 10. No mean answers. We r alrdy going skinny dipping, and tryn 2 pull an all niter. Thx have a gr8 weekend! 🙂


  1. You are ten. Skinny Dipping is hidious. Go eat chocolate, watch movies and talk about stuff like normal people do in sleepovers. Have some popcorn, and do make up. This is what girls and women do of all ages. All Nighters are fun, but skinny dipping is ridiculous.

  2. pop1212princess says

    It’s just a sleepover !! Chill out and stop planning it!! Watch movies, get on the computer, talk about boys, school, and people you hate, and don’t try to pull an all nighter, it will just happen.

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