What should I add to my "Summer Bucketlist" for me and my friends? :)?

This is what I’ve got so far …

– throw a house party
– stay downtown all night
– get jobs
– go pool or hot tub hopping
– go skinny dipping
– go camping
– have a bonfire party
– play beer pong
– go to a foam party


  1. -Go hiking.
    -Visit an attraction in your state (i.e. Grand Canyon if you live in Arizona)
    -Take a road trip.
    -Find somewhere/something new.
    -Have a picnic.
    -Stay up for 24-36 hours.

    Obviously, these are less on the raunchy/dangerous side, but they would be fun nonetheless.

  2. feazell wildhaber says

    Well Try this link 🙂 http://inhut.info/142912/foam-party

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