what should we add to this list?

my friend & i, made a list of crazy things we should do. any more suggestions? oh, yeah. please don’t say travel to a foreign country. that isn’t crazy.

• monster contest.
• meet two+ people from online & become good friends.
• sneak out at midnight & come back before sunrise.
• get all the piercings we want right now.
• stay the night at a theme park.
• play ouija board in a cemetery.
• meet [ insert name ]
• have a whipped cream fight.
• make one hundred waffles/pancakes in a day.
• get stoned inside of a church.
• don’t talk for a day.
• take pictures in photo booth.
• take pictures in photo booth with guys that you just met that are cute. :3
• go up to someone & say your shoe is untied & untie it, then runaway.
• make julian or some other guy that is our bestfriend go out in public wearing make – up [ glittery eyeliner ] red lipstick, a dress, ripped up leggings ( maybe ) & highheels. NOTE; nail polish included & make him look like a hooker.
• scream ‘penis’ at a football game.
• paintball fight.
• be tired, go to a mattress place, & fall asleep.
• go to a abandoned school.
• make a fake porno.
• pretend to be a hobo.
• find a four leaf clover.
• get tons of water balloons & through at people.
• T.P. ( toilet paper ) a house.
• share milkshake.
• for two days only drink water.
• be a vegetarian for three days.
• travel outside of Chicago.
• dance in a parking lot aside from a busy road while blasting music out of the car
• get kicked out of a store.
• make a video diary.
• go skinny dipping.
• do a smoke box.
• kiss a stranger.
• stay up all night, & get ready for school then leave for school at 5:30am
• cubby bunny with real marshmellows.
• camping with just us & anyone else on a beach.
• buy fireworks & set them off at a boardwalk.
• go wakeboaring.
• swim with dolphins.
• do hookah.
• get a tattoo.
• have a valentine.
• join a band.
• jump of a bridge into the water.
• over come two+ fears.
• hot air balloon ride.
• go to ‘slient library’ & win.
• crowd surf.
• kiss underwater.
• build a snow cave.
• sleep underneath the stars/sky with a boy.
• have a new years kiss.
• travel across the country.
• fart with a lighter next to my ass.
• stand up for someone.
• wear the same band shirt & pants for two weeks.
• save a life.
• have a tea party.
• go to texas.
• go streaking.
• pull an all nighter on a school night.
• fall asleep in someone’s arms.
• go mudding.
• play spin the bottle.
• meet someone famous.
• save an animal.
• do a music video to ‘ashley’ by ‘escape the fate’ & maybe pablo can be in it. :3
• pull an all nighter for three days straight.
• become friends with a good band.
• tie a mattress to the car & drive around the street on the mattress.
• eat sushi.
• kiss in the rain.
• pay for a meal with only coins.
• be in a mosh pit.
• become friends with a hobo & get them to sing.
• makes someone’s wish come true.
• drink some four loko.
• dance in the moon light.
• eat a really bizzar food.
• go into taco bell with a sombrero & sharpie Mexican mustache { or the fake ones } & speak with a Mexican accent. / maybe those Mexican ponchos. & say ‘two tacos please’ in Mexican. LOLOLOL
• dress up like fairies, go to [ insert amusement park ] & skip around in the fairy suits.
• find an attractive person, slap their ass & run like fuck.
• be apart of a haunted house.
• dance in the street like in music videos & start singing & see who will join in.
• sing really loudly with your head out of the car window.
• go to NYC for new years.
• start a intense food fight.
• cross the border. [ Canada ]
• spray paint walls.
• splatter paint all over each other in a paint studio.
• eat tons of food & get on a intense ride.
• go to the Mall of America.
• take [ insert name ]’s dad to a hardcore concert.
• stay with an indian tribe for like a week.
• go to warped tour for the first time.
• go totally shoeless for a day.
• do a free hugs day.


  1. The Mexican one sounds REALLY crazy XDD

    – Put fake baby in a basket and leave it at someones house(a teacher"s XD)
    – Write/Draw a mini book of your lifes 2gether.

    Idk really X__X


  3. eat toilet paper.

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