What stuff could teenage girls do at night?

Okay so yeah me and my friends, its summer vacation before we go into high school. We want this to be a summer we remember! What kind of crazy stuff could we do at night? Ive already heard of TP, skinny dipping, run nude outside, blah blah i want different ideas. Please! This summer needs to end with a great event!
no i havent tried those three. but those are usual answers to this kind of question


  1. Daniel Mcglone says

    Something that can be done that is appropriate would be to go to a theme park or something like that, but if you don’t want it to be like that and want it to be more crazier, you could invite people and have a massive party.

  2. Pinkberry Tart says

    Please don’t run outside naked. No one wants to see prepubescent little girls walking around naked. Please. A bit of decency.

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