What will they do to me at an adult sleepover? I have to do some dares, what can I expect?

Our next monthly hen party will be a 30th birthday celebration & initiation into the three-oh club for me. We (5 or 6 gals 25 to 31) call them sleepovers even tho we don’t stay the night, just to be silly & risque for a few hours. We used to do the old sleepover stuff for old time sake (strip poker, truth/dare, etc), but haven’t done much silliness lately, & are overdo!
My one sister is saying how they’re really going to haze me good. My best friend won’t tell me anything either, but there’s little doubt nudity & b-day whacks will be involved. The nudity I can hndle ( we changed clothes, skinny-dipped, etc….but not recently) We have done b-day spanks for laughs before, so some light taps are no problem. I am worried about the other hazing events sister is taunting me with. Can anyone suggest what kind of thing I might expect?? I’ m not thinking of ditching my own party, I just want to prepare mentally if it really is extra-embarrassing or something.
I’m sure they wouldn’t require streaking–at least in public where someone might see.
I’d like your experiences or thoughts. Thanks


  1. buckeye girl says

    Been there, done that! I had similar deal for my 21st. I toughed it out, & can laugh about it now. There are so many dares they might put you thru. But if you don’t whine or resist, they will probably be lenient. I was pretty worried too, but it wasn’t so bad after all. I did have to answer the door for the pizza guy in my robe & undies & had to let the robe fall open!! To me the spanking is worse than the naughty dares.
    Don’t worry yourself, that’s part of their harrassment. Just go with it & show them they can’t get to you. Also a bit of alcohol helps !!!

  2. these "events" can be fun, but watch out for the camera lest you be shown on the net. unless you want to :::;;;).

  3. *Expect to be naked A LOT.
    *Expect Bday spanks to be Hard for 3-Oh.
    *Expect to "streak" in undies (if not less).
    *Expect to roll a peanut with nose.
    *Expect them to tar & feather u with syrup & corn flakes
    or something similar.
    *Expect a picture or two. Maybe for your hubby or bf!
    *Expect them to tickle u into doing what they want!

    Probably they’re playing with your mind. It probably won’t be near as bad as u r imagining. Besides you’ll get a chance to even the score on their bday soon!!

  4. 4 of my gal pals held a hen \ birthday party for my 30th too. They tried to worry me too about what awful stuff they would make me do. Mostly light, silly, kid stuff until their big surprise: I had to call my husband & tell him I’m naked, so plz bring some clothes to me. He arrives, but I can’t put any of the clothes on until I get my birthday spanking & HE has to give it to me right there in front of everyone. The girl’s forced my bare body over his knee & made sure he didn’t hold back too much! They sent him away with all my clothes. To get home sometime later I had to walk 2 blocks with ONLY a knee length coat & shoes on. Just saying that you can’t anticipate what’s going to happen. Be cool. & do the same things to them when it’s their turn. Have fun.

  5. My experience won’t make u feel any better. On my 30th my neighborhood girl pals had me strip & rubbed cake & ice cream all over me. I had icing in my hair & my boobs nearly froze & cold ice cream between your legs isn’t fun! I got cleaned up & dressed & we partied for a while. Then they said time for your birthday spanking. I had 2 bend over the back of the sofa in my undies. I waited. They opened the door & in came my husband & 2 of the husbands of my pals!! All lined up & walked past me smacking me as they passed. About the 3rd time around, somebody pulled a leg of my panties up into a half wedgie & that bare cheek got the rest of the smacks. Don’t count on anything, it might be worse than you hope, but it could always have been worse than it was.

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