What's on your bucket list?

Just out of curiosity, what do you want to do before you die? This is my list so far:

1. Sing at a karaoke bar
2. Ride a mechanical bull
3. Go mud sliding
4. Go to a county fair
5. Sit in the audience of a TV show or be on a game show
6. Have a food fight
7. Call McDonalds and ask for a reservation
8. Have a picnic
9. Have a full day of watching movies with Chinese takeout
10. Go to a high school reunion
11. Name a star
12. Go to a psychic
13. Wear a ball gown
14. Hang a pair of shoes from the telephone wire
15. Go to a drive-in theatre
16. Ride in a shopping cart
17. Sneak out
18. Spend a whole summer doing nothing but staying out late
19. Spend a whole day in the same spot
20. Spend a whole day naked
21. Learn sign language
22. Eat something you caught/grew
23. Eat sushi
24. Tell your whole life story
25. Have your portrait painted
26. Send a message in a bottle
27. Stand up for myself
28. Dance in the rain
29. Sleep under the stars
30. Watch “The Bucket List” movie
31. Go to a wedding
32. Take a candlelit bubble bath
33. Simply observe
34. Go skinny-dipping
35. Go crowd surfing at a rock concert
36. Go to a REAL costume party
37. Participate in a pie eating contest
38. Solve a Rubix cube
39. Receive a trophy
38. Live in LA and NYC
39. Live in Australia
40. Go to London
41. Go to Paris
42. Go to New Zealand
43. Go to Poland
44. Go to South Africa
45. Go to Germany for Oktoberfest
46. See the northern lights
47. Visit the pyramids
48. Go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
49. Go on a safari
50. Ride an Elephant
51. Swim with dolphins
52. Have a “girls trip” to Vegas
53. Go on a road trip with a friends
54. Take a road trip alone
55. Swim in every ocean
56. Scuba dive
57. Fly in a private jet
58. Climb a mountain
59. Be in two states at once
60. Go bungee jumping
61. Learn to ski
62. Plant a tree
63. Do something nice in secret
64. Grow a garden
65. Help a homeless person
66. Donate my hair
67. Volunteer somewhere
68. Give flowers for no reason
69. Give 00 to charity- anonymously
70. Kiss in the pouring rain
71. Kiss under the mistletoe
72. Kiss someone on New Years
73. Kiss in the water at the beach
74. Spend New Years Eve under the Eiffel tower with someone I love
75. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square
76. Fall in love
77. Go on a blind date
78. Visit an art museum on a date
79. Lay down and watch the stars with someone I love
80. Go to a pool bar and get a hot guy to teach me to play 😉
81. Play Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera (My dream role)
82. Grow my hair out to my tailbone
83. Get my belly button pierced
84. Buy a pair of One Teaspoon shorts
85. Own a MacBook
86. Own a beach house or lake house


  1. ET3RN4LVET3R4N13 says

    not die

  2. sex all day sex marathon for my last 6 months

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