What's your best skinny-dipping story?


  1. When I was married the first time, my now ex-husband I and our best couple friends were spending the night up at the lake. We decided to take a late night swim which ended up being a skinny dip.
    They were the first ones ready to get out of the water, so when me and my now ex got out our clothes were missing. They thought they really had us. We could almost hear them up at the house laughing their butts off. Fortunately I remembered I had a couple of huge towels stashed in a folding chair under the pier shelter, so we grabbed them and wrapped outselves up. It really rained on their parade when we walked in all covered up instead of trying to sneak in nekked.

  2. Siri Headroom says

    i don’t have one… *sigh*

    but i did kidnap someone once…

  3. smartguytrustme says

    just gradusted from highschool at this very fancy tennis and golf club… we were crazy… jumping off the high dive and everything… found out later that the guards had been watching the whole time on the security cameras…
    of course, the best part was who else was there… the girls looked great that night…

  4. My friends and I thought we were alone at this camp site and we took off our clothes and went into the lake. Next, we see a large group of campers running toward the lake to jump in. The counselor called them back and told them to lie down with their faces to the ground, this way they couldn’t see us getting out and putting our clothes on. Obviously they peeked. oops.

  5. Quote
    "A girl at a party said she wanted to go skinny dipping… all the guys were like “Whoa… we could get caught.” I knew the ranger that was patrolling the campground and beach so I wasn’t worried.. but I didn’t tell the guys that. I let them be nervous while I started taking off my clothes. I was a little shy .. but determined. So I decided to go first… I had my back to them while I was going into the water… saved a little modesty that way… Then I was in the water and watched the others work their way into the water. It’s one situation where if you are uncomfortable about it. It won’t last long I promise. The feel of no clothes dragging you and slowing you in the water feels really nice. You even lose the sense of how fast you are going in the water… you feel faster… sleek.. and graceful. Oh well that’s all poetic and stuff so I’ll just finish with.. Try it.. you’ll like it!"

  6. maylie_lache_brownblondi says

    I dont have one, but, i have a couple of funny stories to tell you!! ok….this is too prove my stupidity and lack of cooridination…at times. ok…every year at halloween, my family has a HUGE get together(over 120 ppl), ok, right b4 this thing, i was in the house and and my sis was in there too. I was puttin on my costume. Ok…u kno those little pop toys…you push them in, then lay them down on a hard surface and they pop in the air, well, me, the brilliant one, got one stuck on my fore head…i still have a shadow where it was blu at…a little PERFECT circle. ok…now heres another….the same year….5th grade..im in 7th now…my friend and i were mixing up some kind of face tonic….not good….lets c….it had germ x…lotion….soap…and like 10 more ingredients in it….well we put it on our faces…she remembered to wash hers off….i didnt…and ….BAM> a chemical burn. ok here is yet another story of stupidity….i was swimming under water in the local public pool and well…it is concrete…and it hurts when you run into it..to say the least…i didnt open my eyes in time, and welll, i ran smack into it…now and forever more, i have a scar…and a new nickname…."Smack". ok here is the last one….this happened a couple of weeks ago…i hav a 2-door garage, ok. i was watching my dog do something…and thinking..’ that dog is so stupid’ and guess what…i ran into the dividing wall of the garage…ok…hows that for some stories..srry so long!! bye

  7. pagan earthgirl says

    Back in my wilder days, I attended a pool party. In the later drunken hours of pre-dawn, the pool party descended into the realm of naked pool orgy. I had a wonderful time, fulfilled a couple of fantasies. Two months later I discovered that I was preggers and had NO CLUE who the contributing sperm could have come from. I took up a collection from sympathetic suspects to pay for an abortion. The lesson to be learned here is: birth control, in advance.

  8. In_Jimbos_pants says

    I skinny dip every morning!…

    ok i never done it

  9. yozombiesmama says

    In high school, my boyfriend pissed me off by blowing me off for some of his friends. You know, high school crap. So, I decided to get wasted on a bottle of bacardi with one of our best friends….who I totally thought was hot. So, we hopped the fence at the pool at his apartment complex, and went skinny dipping. Then some big fat mexican kid showed up and totally saw my hoo-haa. So, we headed upstairs…me in a bra and boxers-and there was my boyfriend sitting upstairs waiting for our friend….definitly not expecting me, let alone half naked wet me.

  10. toobeaucoup2005 says

    I have been caught skinny-dipping so many times over the years…by my mom, my grandmother, the propane delivery man, the manager at an apartment complex, strangers coming at 4 AM to use the pool…when the hell will I learn my lesson? LOL

  11. goatboy_numberone says

    I used to manage a health centre with a pool. I have many late night skinny dipping stories

  12. poison ivy says

    i’ve never done that
    but it sure sounds fun
    but i’m way too embarrassed to do that

  13. medolfan1313 says

    We’ll have to call it something else for me…how about "Fat-Dipping"? I’ve never been Fat-Dipping…for obvious reasons!

  14. desperatehw says

    Well, once upon a time, I was outside without clothes on and decided to swim in a cow pond with those lovely white scabrous-looking cow pond fish, so I did, but I have never skinny-dipped b/c when I did this I was about 20 months pregnant and it was more of a fatty-dip.

  15. One time at band camp…..

  16. I went at night in the hot tub….with a girlfriend…a very attractive girl she was….long brown hair just to the small of her back.
    she had hazel eyes and a small butterfly tattoo on her hip.

    her skin was so soft….flawless…..she was about5’6…tan…exotic…
    her voice a little sultry….and her sentuality..oh my god….we spent 12 hours high on speed exploring eachothers beautiful woman softness..

    she bit my bottom lip and shivered every time I …………………………………….

    she was my best skinny dipping partner and exprience.

  17. Going "pool jumping," in high school, late some nights, we would all strip naked and go to the part of town where there were pools in every back yard…. We would run from yard to yard, hopping fences, swimming from one end of the pool to the other, and then into the next yard.

    George C. was always the fastest swimmer, and would end up in front of us. He got to the fourth or fifth pool in the "route,." and dove into….. A tarp.

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