White Thong

Here’s one we got from “Allies” (which we assume is Allie S.):

I was about 15 and it was a hot day. I could see a lake so I went to the lake and I stripped down to my white thong. I ended up taking that off, too. I started to swim and then I herd some thing. I went to get dressed but my clothes where gone. I looked for them then I heard someone yell “looking for this?” I looked up and it was a guy. He was laughing. I asked for them back but he said I should come and get them. I said no but then he held up my thong and said, “nice undies!”

He threw my clothes down so I ran to them. He saw my white butt and every thing. I ran across the street naked holding my clothes. I sleept naked because my clothes were hanging outside. I think 7 different  people saw my white thong.

That’s quite a story. You have to be careful and keep an eye on your clothes. That’s for sure.

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