Who else likes to go to nude beachs?

I love to go to nude beachs skinny dipping is fun laying in the sun feels good.


  1. someone who likes says

    Always prefer going to a nude beach been to several and been completely happy nude outdoors I am a nudist so being naked showing my body to others is perfectly fine and natural would much rather go nude than clothed

  2. ok I would never wanna post a quesiton online saying i like to go to nude beaches because thats like TMI but since u asked that i guess i like to go to them to but ive only been to one once when i went to Europe

  3. Just you, I guess.

    Whenever I go to the beach, cats try to bury me…
    or hippies try to put me back into the water.

  4. itsmynaturekc says

    You’re right – it’s much better than wearing a wet, clammy swimsuit. But it’s too cold right now!

  5. I’ve been going to the nude beach here on Long Island (NY) for the past 5 summers and absolutely love it. There’s no better way to spend a warm sunny day that lying naked on the beach.

    It something everyone should try at least once…I really think you’ll like it and never want to wear anything on the beach again. If you don’t, you can always get dressed…nothing to lose either way.

    Bare hugs…

  6. elitesouthwest says

    me..very relaxing

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