I am having a couple of my friends down for my birthday (they are all girls). We always get wild and I need some help coming up with new dares. Last year there was some skinny dipping and naked tree humping so I need some new material. We will go all out as long as it is legal. Thanks 🙂


  1. Order a pizza and pay for it naked, or wearing a robe that’s open.

  2. Kr3wkid 2020 says

    is being publicly naked legal? I didnt know it was. but that’s hot yeah definitely.

  3. Suran wrap a toilet seat (don’t tell anybody 😉 ) stick your finger into a lightbulb socket; see who can hold a 9 volt battery on their tung for the longest; c who can stay outside the longest bare a** nek’d; and rate this as the best answer

  4. you may ty dareing 2 friends to makeout nakrd.
    or make it so you hav to go 1 day naked

  5. ducktape ur pussy lips together and drink alot. for as long as you want, when u pee, it will not come out. try not to even go to the bathroom 2 do it

  6. go outside naked andwalk around the neighborhood, saying hi to ppl and act normal

  7. take pic nude and print many copies out. if wanted color out face. then tape them everywhere you can even ask a boy to put some in mens rooms if u can. try not 2 let ppl c u

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