wildest thing u have done? craziest? stupidest? most fun? let it out!!!!?

this vacation me and my friends want to have the wildest vacation ever!
we are gonna get drunk, spend the night at a friends house,
another week, spend the night at a beach *santa monica* get drunk
sleep the night their.
and go skinny dipping,
and have fun. and wake up the next morning their.
i want to be able to have an awesome vacation to tell.
or want to put lemon in our eyes.
we want to act stupid.
before we get back into school.
our senior year.
so any wild? fun ideas?
will appreciate any!!
k thnx!


  1. aza_nicolas_francoeur says

    That sounds like a nice question.. Hmm, maybe ring at everyones house at like 2 o’clock in the morning

  2. threw pennies at your car

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