Would you skinny dip?

or flash ur self to an on comming truck or somn? tell me! cus i sure as hell would!!!!!


  1. fl_nudie_boy says

    Skinny dipping, all the time. I hate wearing a bathing suit.
    Flashing a truck, well, I do not think the drive would appreciate seeing me naked, unless the drive was a woman or guy man.
    I did flash a lady in an SUV. I was running late to model for an art class and I wanted to be out of my work clothes and in my cover up cloths. I got my clothes and at a red light searched for my cover ups. No one was next to me when I went under my seat but when I got up, the women said something like, "I like your driving outfit" LOL

  2. whatever_yahoo_user says

    yeah if my boyfriend wants me too. =D

  3. I do every summer!

  4. The question isn’t would I – it would be – when did you! 🙂

  5. Sure, I have

  6. darrkadlubowski says

    HELL YA!

  7. Nightstalker says

    I wish more girls were like you ; )

  8. skinny dipping is fun! But flashing a on coming truck…no. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the wreck! 🙂

  9. Yes, in most cultures skinny dipping is perfectly acceptable.Don’t forget-you were born without clothes.

  10. (As i put my laptop on my legs, nakked 2 da bone!)

  11. take_a_look_at_the_star says

    yea at fun moments ..

  12. chelsea g says

    maybe skinny dip but definately no flat out flashing

  13. i would only with the right circumstances!!!! like skinny dipping at night with me and a couple girl friends…….but not with a guy!!!! unless we have been dating FOREVER or are married, im not the kind of girl to show off my body to other people! it just seems a little sluttish or unconservative to me. and i wasnt raised up that way at all! i would nvr flash an oncoming truck or car…that is juat dumb and annoying! only sluts do that!

  14. Lol, frankly, it would depend. I skinny dip often, but flashing would usually be reserved for when i’m drinking, or just feeling silly. =)

  15. peacefulwaterwolf says

    I skinny dip when noone was around-never flash anyone…..really you would…….are you in a club? ….or do you just do it for fun?…….how many times have you done it?

  16. fweezys_are_cold says

    i would skiny dip if i had forgoten my bathing suit, and even then i might not.
    and i wont flash myself to an on comming truck!

    toodles poodles!


  17. phatshady says

    yes deffinantly, i have never done the skinny dipping thing but have flashed in public, only on a beach though so it wasnt toom raunchy or anything.

  18. live clothing free says

    skinny dip often as I can even with perfect strangers but not flash a truck I like to be discreet about where and when I get naked outdoors as not to cause the gen. public concern
    if others are skinny dip then I will or I may skinny dip near ppl at night and they don’t even know am nearby
    I believe in being nude in public is a right of self expression that is way to limited in this county Europe has a more enlightened sense of the human body and nudism than this country has with its victorian and puritan religious rights based laws we all suffer under…I believe in being as created

  19. Skinny dip: Been there, done that.

    I’ve never flashed an oncoming truck, but I have showed my boobs to a truck driving next to us. I was coming home with my boyfriend from the beach and I had on a very nice looking bikini top. He joked that I shouldn’t hide my boobs from the world, since that’s unfair. I told him he shouldn’t dare me to do something that might get him angry. He said he didn’t think there was anything that would.

    We happened to be slowly passing a truck on the highway. I told him to slow down a bit. I undid my seatbelt and pulled my top down and shook my bits at the driver. He looked down, looked startled, then grinned huge. My boyfriend started laughing and sped up to pass the guy. It was a huge rush, and fun.

    And for all of you who want to call me whatever names, I’m comfortable with who I am. Too bad you aren’t, and you feel the need to insult others.

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