Would You Take Someones Clothes if You Caught Them Skinny Dipping?


  1. greeneyedgoddess1039 says:

    Never because I’ve had my clothes stolen while skinny dipping! So I have experienced the "other" side of this situation!

  2. Well YES, of course!

  3. venusinfursinfers says:

    would I want to see them beg me, naked and wet?

  4. Ynot me 2 says:

    yes and throw them in the lake

  5. First L says:

    Depends on those people are fat men or cute girls. For cute girls, I may hide the clothes. For the fat men, I will hand them the clothes.

  6. themrpine says:

    If its a girl.

  7. i know where u live says:

    if u dont shut the hell up im gonna ****** kill u

  8. No, that would be stupid.

  9. no nickname says:

    In a word…no.

  10. Coffeeclub says:

    hell yeah

  11. ~Babygurl~ says:

    Hmm Maybe if I was like 12 years old or younger. I have my own clothes I don’t need their clothes. That is a reason why I skinny dip in my own pool.

  12. Could be fun – depending on who, where, and the situation.

  13. justmemimi says:

    I wouldn’t actually take the clothes with me… but I would probably move it somewhere else just to give the person a bit of a scare.

  14. sam1977us2005 says:

    No i wouldn’t do that to anyone but, id sure think about it……well, maybe if i was drunk enough i would …lol cute

  15. miss_amy018 says:

    No. That’s mean.

  16. Yes, if they were my enemy. If she were a b*tch who had picked on me.

  17. It depends on how I felt about the idea at that time, though chances are, I would. I think.

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