Young Adult Scavenger Hunt Ideas / Suggestions?

We have some ideas already but we need a few more things. It is a photo scavenger hunt. We’re all 18 and over. None of us are 21, though. So no bars or alcohol. We’re also not a shy bunch so no matter how outlandish the suggestion may be, the better. We like a challenge. It is boys against girls.

These are what we have so far:

Go to Walmart and try on a costume an get a photo with employee
Finding a blow up yard display and posing with it
Go to Loews or Home Depot and pose with a chainsaw
Pose along with a cop
Human Pyramid with your teammates
Get a strangers autograph your chest or back
Re-dress a mannequin
Go to an empty check out lane and attempt to ring people up
Get a kiss from a stranger
Buy a playboy
Dance with a stranger in a parking lot
Serenade a couple in public
Imitate The Beatles walking across the street
Your group all squeezed into one shower
Give a stranger a piggy back ride
Propose to a stranger with a ring
Meet someone with amazing facial hair
Pose with a fireman
Ding Dong Ditch someone
Find a cow
Take a picture with tallest person you can find
Take a picture with a feather boa
Put underwear on over your clothes at a store and walk around
Picture with a "For Rent" or "For Sale" sign
Meet a ginger
Everyone pile onto a slide
Skinny Dip
Arm wrestle the biggest man/woman you can find
Cover yourself in temporary tattoos (Extra points for location)
Entire team photo squeezed into one place
Entire Team playing Twister
Sit with an unknown family at a restaurant

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